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Man vs Wild with Bear Grylls

PS3/englischTake a walk on the wild side! You are Bear Grylls. Strandet in the most dangerous corners of the world, the way back to safety depends on your wits, strangth and ability to survive - do you have what it takes? Features: - Take on Mother Nature in five huge enviroments including the hars elements of Patagonia, the ruthless swamps of the Everglades, the unforgiving heat of the Sahara and more - Maintain energy and stamina: Choke down a few worms, spear a trout from a mountain stream or enjoy a fine piece of squirrel roastet over an open fire - Parachute, paraglide, fend off sharks, pumas and bears, escape from an erupting volcano, sleep in a hollowed out camel - the adventures are as varied as they are numerous - Includes dozens of Survival Challenges, multiple drop zones, hundreds of collectables, achievements and un-lockable content straight from your favorite episodes of Man vx. Wild - US-Version (Codefree)

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Playstation 3

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